I’ve been following Brandon’s work for some time now and decided to post him today because he was featured on ABC’s News.  I am extremely excited for him, wish him nothing but the best and continued success as he pursues his passion. His book was about to come out, but they captured him, in what I think is his genuine character.   Check out the new video here

His Short Bio (taken from his website)

I began Humans of New York in the summer of 2010. HONY resulted from an idea that I had to construct a photographic census of New York City. I thought it would be really cool to create an exhaustive catalogue of the city’s inhabitants, so I set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and plot their photos on a map. I worked for several months with this goal in mind. But somewhere along the way, HONY began to take on a much different character. I started collecting quotes and short stories from the people I met, and began including these snippets alongside the photographs. Taken together, these portraits and captions became the subject of a vibrant blog, which over the past two years has gained a large daily following. With nearly one million collective followers on Facebook and Tumblr, HONY now provides a worldwide audience with glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City.

My two cents

Brandon has a fresh approach to street photography.  He seems to be able to breakdown personal barriers and get to know people in an instant.  The subjects he captures span a wide gambit, from the homeless, to the regular middle class guy on the street, to the highfaluting actor outside Lincoln Center, to the ultra-rich upper eastside, New York has them all and he captures them all. It is really an unusual approach and looking through his images always touches me in some way.  I hope you enjoy his work as much as I  do!

Normally I have to approach people for quotes. But this kid walked right up to me, held his certificate in the air, and screamed: “I played at Carnegie Hall!”


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