Today I want to talk a little bit about where we work, create, learn.  This involves several characteristics of our space.  The physical space, the environment, the feeling and inspiration that it invokes.

Personally, I work with several processes on a regular basis.  Growing up in New York City, I always took my opportunities for granted.  I wanted to learn nature photography, I found a class with the Audubon Society.  I wanted to set up a darkroom and process my own black and white pictures, I went to the School of Visual Arts.  I used to bicycle, hiking, swimming there were several clubs and groups that were active and open to folks of all levels.

When I first moved to Scranton area, I looked for adult classes, continuing education classes and clubs that might offer things that I was interested in.  There were none to be found.  A few clubs that really, never did anything.  No classes of any kind.  I found a rather large need, as there were many people that felt just like me.  That’s how I came to take classes online; some I pay for, and others from places like YouTube and Vimeo.  It’s why I started the “Peace of My Heart Photo Club”, that meets every other week, and this website

Recently I moved from country living in the suburbs of Scranton, back to city living moving right into the city of Scranton.  This gave me the chance to examine my needs for my creative and intellectual pursuits, needs, and set my workspace up as would work best for me.  Remember, what works best for me, might not be what’s best for you.  You might need and empty table to work on or might flourish in clutter.  Me, I fall somewhere in the middle.   So be honest in evaluating your own needs.

Let’s take some time to list and evaluate what we do and need.  Considering my needs there are activities that I engage in on a regular basis.  I write for this site, notes for my studies, emails, and a verity of other things.  I maintain this website.  I process my photography, in a number of programs, Lightroom, Photoshop, OnOne, Topaz, Photomatix, in addition to some other software.  I print my pictures, to frame and to incorporate into other works.  So, I have a printing area, with a collection of different kinds of paper, photo paper and art paper.  Up to this point, it’s all digital and software based.  Then there is the art space.  Where I have all the paints, pigments, brushes, tools, and essentials of my creative efforts.  The studio aspect of my space.

Take the time for yourself and make a list of all the things that you do, enjoy, want to learn, and pursue.  Then also take a good look at the space that you have, to work in.  And next we’ll start the process of creating the space to do what it is you do.