We’ve all done it, perhaps sitting at the desk getting ready to work on some pictures, thinking I can multitask, I’ll just check in on Facebook quick. Then an eBay notice comes up and while you don’t really want that item, you feel compelled to look for a better deal. So, you search for it on eBay and think, let me check the best price on Amazon. So, you go to Amazon and get the best price for the new item, and think how much of a discount should I get for a used item? Which leads to another rabbit hole. Then you think to yourself that you never really checked in on Facebook, so back you go. Comment on some friends posts, share your thoughts on some things that really don’t matter in the scheme of things and off you go looking for an artist that someone mentioned, whom you’ve never heard of. Before you know it the five hours you had to work on some pictures, has been reduced to one and a half and you’re off to Netflix to watch something because you can’t possibly get as much done as you thought.

It seems to me that it is so easy to get on Facebook and share my pictures, thoughts, art, struggles, life choices. The problem is that not everyone uses social media like that. There is an ocean of senseless debates, do you see this dress as blue or gold, or do you hear laurel or yanny. What exactly does “yanny” mean anyway. Then there’s the cute kitten and dog pictures, or the elephant pictures. Through back Thursday, foodies nights out, do I really need to see what you had for dinner?

My attempts at blogging have proved to be a mirror of my journaling efforts. I’m good at the short distance sprint but not so much the long distance marathon, not so much. But that’s ok, as I try to live by the motto “it’s not the destination, but the journey”, this is just one step along the way.

The summer before last, I started offering a quote a day about creativity on Facebook; I then started offering it on this website. I knew that couldn’t last forever and ended as the source dried up. There are only so many quotes that can be offered if you’re looking at a particular genre, as I was. But I continued to write about once or twice a week. And had a pretty good run.

It’s my plan to start this again, as I let my site lapse and lost everything I had shared. So, I’ve transferred my website to another hosting company and to jump start it and get some content, continuity, and consistency going. I want to follow that same format for a while and hopefully end with a steady post or two a week. But more importantly, if I’m sharing pictures, art or thoughts on Facebook, I’m gonna link it here. I want to make this the priority.

I know it’s like any habit, the gym, creating art, online classes, it’s a matter of getting to the point that you do it, and make a commitment to it, no matter what. Then it becomes second nature, and a part of the daily routine. So, in addition to the quotes about the journey, creativity, life, art, and anything else I feel touches me. I’ll be sharing pictures, my art, struggles, thoughts, opinions, ideas, and pursuits.

My first quote has to do with the journey. It’s a classic by the author of the “Tao Te Ching”, or “The Way”.

The Path

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

-Lao Tzu

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