With the new year quickly approaching, I started looking to set my objectives for the new year.  I don’t do resolutions, or set new goals, like losing weight or quitting this or that, because whenever I’ve done that it seemed like I was just setting myself up to fail.  For me, this time of year is more like putting the rudder in the water and redirecting my direction.  Keeping myself on track, trimming the sail and taking notice of true north and heading the direction I want my life to go, it’s a process.

I always set aside some time to take inventory and see what I’ve accomplished in the past 12 months.  Last year I wanted to take Peace of My Heart Photo Club in a new direction with biweekly meetings, with a more in-depth learning/education aspect to it.  Creatively, I was pursuing photoshop, painting and creating my own textures for compositing in photoshop, taking more pictures, keeping up with the website (which I didn’t do like I planned).  Then there are always the personal goals of getting organized (which I did accomplish) and dealing with the constant procrastination (which I kept putting off, so it will be renewed in 2017) like I said, it’s an ongoing process. 

For this coming year, I want to invite you folks to join me in a 52 Project, that is a project a week.  I tried a 365 once (a picture a day) and didn’t get very far.  So, I’m trimming that sail and hoping that a project a week will be just right.   Depending on how many people wanted to join in, I would divide that many into 52 and ask each to give me that many suggestions for projects and then organize that into a project a week.  For example, if there were 5 people who wanted to join, then I would ask each for 11 projects and see what came of it.  There might be some overlap, bringing it down to 52, or if there were a couple that were weak, I might cut those, or sacrifice my own if they were all strong.  We’ll figure it as we go.  So, any takers?

In addition to the “52 Project” photographically I want to keep doing some paid portraits (high school seniors, working at the university seems like there should be more opportunities to solicit some paid work too) and working with and learning studio lighting and off camera flash.  Other personal objectives, I’m thinking about starting an art journaling class, which I think will also do triple up as photographic inspiration and painting textures.  Back in September I joined a digital art group and get a monthly project and class, so I want to focus on that.  Mixed media has also been something that I want to experiment with.  It seems like I can do more with the printed pictures other than hang them here in the house.  So, we’ll see how this all pans out as the year marches on. 

Do you have things that you’re looking to do?  Send me a note, email, message, or phone call, if you have my number.  I’m always looking for folks to connect with and pursue the creative life. 


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