NO!  I don’t mean me.  To even think that I could claim to be a rising star in art or photography would be propitious.  I am an amateur photographer in the truest meaning of the word.  I love photography.  I have spent many years, since the mid-1980’s, when I was still shooting, and developing my own film and prints.  Then I pursued the digital era.  I was very intimidated by the software part of it.  I started with Adobe Lightroom, which I let sit on my computer for about a year.  After which, I took the time to learn Lightroom and its awesome ability to process an image. Then about two years ago, I took a class and started working in Photoshop, which opened a digital art type of creativity. Then last winter I took a painting class in which I learned to create my own textures and paintings for my work in photoshop. This all seemed like the natural progression of things.  

The last piece in this puzzle came to me slowly.  There is a group of friends that gather monthly to attend the Scranton First Friday Art Gallery openings.  We go for a bite and a couple of drinks, and the go and scrutinize the new art being displayed.  We critique it and examine it.  Study it and talk about it.  It was in this environment that I learned a couple of things.  First that I seem to be drawn to a surrealist, imaginary, almost hallucinatory style of art.  Secondly, I have a certain affinity to multimedia.  Combining different mediums to create or to vitalize my vision.   

It’s with all this new found creative energy and some encouragement from a friend Nanci, that I’m taking a multimedia art class.  For the first project, I was to state an intention for the year.  Now, as I think I said a few posts back, I’m not one to make a new year’s resolution.  But I guess I’m justifying this by not calling a resolution, but an intention.  An intention for the year.  Mine is “focus”. 

Living a life of focus is my intention for the year ahead.  To live in a state of flow. Focused on creativity, tapping my imagination, finding my voice, and learning to express it in ways that challenge me.  Discovering vision and dreams, and ideas.  Challenging myself in new fields, directions, and genres of creation and with a verity of mediums.  Then combining those efforts and mediums with my photography and creative life.


So here is my first effort.  As you can see, it’s not a masterpiece.  But it’s mine.  Created with my hands, and my feeling, and a little bit of my heart. 


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