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Me at 2 and 54

Hi, my name is Lewis De Joseph and I am a photographer who started in film, took a small hiatus as the digital era erupted, and then returned as the dust settled. While I used to have a physical wet darkroom, I now have a digital darkroom. While I started as a hobbyist I have come to seek a change of direction in my life. I find myself transitioning from a chef to photographer; who knows where this will end up.

I have had a lot of careers in my life that have included warehousing, furniture repair, woodworking, social work, sales, massage therapy, and a chef.  Most of these things I have been self-taught and successful at.  I have been teaching myself photography for many years as like many things your just never get to the point of knowing it all.  So most recently I am in the process of teaching myself Adobe Photoshop, portrait and studio photography, creating a website with WordPress and enjoying the journey.

After all it’s the journey that makes life worth living.

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