About Me

Hi, my name is Lewis De Joseph and I am a photographer who started in film, took a small hiatus as the digital era erupted, and then returned as the dust settled. While I used to have a physical wet darkroom, I now have a digital darkroom. Though I started as a hobbyist I have come to believe that creativity is a lifestyle. So, while I’m a chef by day, I find myself pursuing creativity in my spare time.

For many years the image was the final product.  But I’ve come to think that the picture I’ve captured is really the start of the creative process.   Photoshop has added the opportunity to create digital art.  Taking a photo and manipulating it in ways that just weren’t possible in analog photography. Then there is the possibility of incorporating my images into mixed media art.  Using pens and pencils, brushes and paints, words and numbers, being used in conjunction with any art medium or found material, to create something that flows from within me.

So most recently I am in the process of teaching myself photo encaustic and encaustic art.  The application of using clear and tinted hot wax to a sub straight. Adobe Photoshop is a never-ending learning opportunity as is the pursuit of photography and enjoying the journey.  After all it’s the journey that makes life worth living.