1 Elements of Art


I might have put the horse before the cart by writing about critique before the elements, principles, and rules of composition.  The truth is I did that because I started the project 52 group.  Where we are creating an image a week for the entire year.  My intention was to help that group along in helping, assisting, and encouraging each other, in their weekly critique efforts. 


There are elements that we as photo artists employ in our art.  We use these elements whether we know it or not.   These are things like lines that contain space to create a form, or texture, or help direct the viewer’s eye.  In this next series of articles, we will direct our attention firstly to the elements of art then the principles of art and then finally to rules of composition.  Each of these will probably be a series onto themselves. 


I would like to cover some things that are generally considered in the vision, creating, executing and evaluation of art.  These are components of art across the board.  No matter the medium, drawing, painting, sculpture, and even photography.  Whether intentional or incidental, the artist is using these elements. 


I should point out that up till now we could apply these thoughts to writing, music, painting, anything that we might create.  But here discussing elements of art, we are addressing visual arts. 

I mentioned some of these earlier in the section titled critique.  I’ll list them here and then discuss them briefly and individually, then devote an article to each one. We have lines, shapes or forms, color, tone, texture, and perspective or scale.


The elements of art are the foundations; the building blocks on which we create.  A strong foundation will always support a sound vision.  They are the ingredients of which we build our vision. As we work though these elements look to see how you have used them in the past and try to apply them to your future images.   



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