Have you ever wanted to travel in time, or perhaps like Superman manipulate time to your advantage? Well, that’s exactly what we do as photographers. We capture slices of time, a fraction of a second at a time. This is where the exposure triangle comes in. That is the three elements of our cameras exposure that is within our control comes into play. The three elements of exposure are shutter speed, aperture and ISO.
Whenever you make changes to these basic settings you begin to manipulate time. They are creative decisions that will affect how your picture will look in its final image. They are the heart and soul of your creative pursuit. The idea is to make choices before you click the shutter and know how that will affect your pictures.
Create images that you want to create. Your ISO is the speed at which the sensor can capture light. If you remember the film days this is comparable to film speed. Next, think about shutter speed as a way to manipulate time. Slowing down you shutter will create a blurring effect which would work well if you were shooting a car traveling 100mph. But not so well if you were capturing a snail. On the other hand, an aperture of f11 or f16 might work great with the snail, giving you the deeper depth of field to help keep it focus from front to back. More on that latter.
Right now the more important thing is to get out there take your camera off or manual and play with those settings. On a sunny day set the ISO to 100, or whatever your lowest setting is, and then play with the shutter speed and aperture. See what you get. It can’t hurt. It’s called practice. Experiment. See what happens. Now get out there and shoot.


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