Embracing the Seasons

 As the school year ended, I did a service trip to Jamaica, and am working at camp, this for me it marks the start of summer.  The calendar won’t say summer for another month.  As you’ll see I’m constantly behind the annual calendar.  But I’m waking up early and sleeping in the cook’s cabin, the trees are full and the temperature is rising.  Soon the mushrooms will be up with their muted colors, wildflowers are blooming, trees are full, landscapes are green and the days are getting longer.  These are the things that I’ll be looking at creatively.   

As funny as it sounds the nights here in NE Pa will be getting cooler and I almost always see the first hints of fall colors here at camp towards the end of July.  I know that this is nowhere near the start of fall.  I remember when I was working on the wagon train, on the road constantly, and living outdoors for a little more than a year, the geese and ducks flying intentionally in a “V’ formation, marked the change of the season. Now it’s the little change of color that I note will mark the southerly migration.  With this change I look to capture some beautiful fall colors, and landscapes, walking in the woods, and any wildlife that might make themselves seen. 

Here in Scranton, it’s not unusual for the first snow storm to hit by Halloween.  I grew up in NYC and don’t ever remember thinking that we would have snow before Christmas.  In fact, a white Christmas was a special year.  These two cities are only two hours away from each other.  But, for me here in Scranton winter starts early.  It marks the start of ice formations, and frozen lakes and waterfalls, Indoor still life’s and studio type of work.  It also marks the education part of the year, where I try to focus on my Photoshop, Lightroom, photography and other creative classes, that I take online.   

Coming full circle, on the seasonal cycle, is the spring season.  Spring marks rebirth, life reincarnated.  New baby animals, tree buds and flower blooms springing forth, the earth parting way for this new life to reach up for the sunshine. Migratory animals returning as the sun leads them.  Hibernating animals waking and stretching themselves, looking for the foods that they need to make it through next winter.  

I constantly hear people complaining that the winters are so cold.  I know we have a short spring here but to be complaining about it being so hot when the high temperatures are in the mid to low seventies?  Embracing the temperatures, and seasons, the weather and surroundings are all key to finding a life that you’re happy with.  I try to embrace the seasons and the opportunities that they present.  I do that not only creatively but with life in general.  For me, it’s the philosophy that I want to embrace and apply to my life.   

These pictures are from Gifford Pinchot Forest.  I’ve been working at the same camp know for five years, and passed this particular part of the forest many times.   This particular week I had some time to spare, the rain was breaking, and the clouds eventually broke up.  This is often a great time to photograph.  As the light can  be soft and pleasing and the air fresh.  So this was what I took away, some wildflowers, some old growth trees, and field or two, and the road less traveled.