I have some questions for you.  Do you want to make pictures or create art?  Is photography a hobby, something you do for kicks or do you just do it for holidays and special events perhaps just documenting life’s memories, or create something?  What do you do after the picture is taken?  Do you see post processing as a chore or a choice, another step in the creative process or someplace you click auto to get things just right and move on?  Do you look forward to sitting in front of your computer and adjusting the colors and tonalities?  Perhaps this seems like a burden to you?  The answers to these and other questions will define whether you are approaching your photography as an artist or a technical endeavor to be mastered and move on.  Photography can be approached as a medium for creativity, practical pursuit.

This is not to say that you can’t create photo/art/be creative by just using the camera and capturing an image strictly in camera.  Certainly that was the case for the almost 200 years that film was prevalent.  As one approaches painting as an artist or a chore, so one approaches the medium of capturing an image in the same way.

So there is something to be said for taking control of the entire process.  Again like shooting film, every decision will affect the final presentation.  Starting with the choice of film your camera settings, type of film, developer, paper, chemicals, matting and frame all affect how your image is considered when viewed.  This day and age you can pretty much take any camera off the shelf point it and shoot, and voilà, you’ve taken a pretty good picture.  There is another entire side to digital photography.  The place where we take all that control back, and make conscious decisions that will help create what it is that we see in our minds eye.

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