screenshot-371-800x428A couple of years ago I was wondering NYC with a friend of mine.  He had a bunch of art galleries that he wanted to visit.  Not one to pass up a chance to visit the Big Apple I eagerly went with him.  We wondered the streets, I took photographs and went out to a couple of wonderful restaurants.  We stumbled across a gallery that wasn’t on his list but next to one that we visited, and they were showing a collection of historic photographs.  Original Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Stiglitz, Man Ray, Robert Capa, Edward Weston, all originals, framed, I just wondered from one image to the next in utter disbelief.  It was truly just a treasure trove of historic photographers and their work.  I had that feeling in my stomach that you get when you know you’re in the presence of something great.  

I had no idea that Sir Elton John was an avid photography collector. But as I watched this short video of his photography collection I was once again in awe.  The desire to visit and see this collection in person was just overwhelming.  He is sharing some of these in a collection at the Tate Museum in London.  Perhaps it’ll come to NY

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