So a couple of years ago I started a 365 project.  As evidenced by the fact that there is nothing here about it, I would say it was a complete failure.  So when I decided to take on a 52, one a week, it was with a little bit of hesitancy and fear.  So I put it out there to some friends that I wanted to do this and asked if anyone was interested?  At first, I only had one response, and that was it.  Worst than that he was notorious for not following through on anything.  So I embraced the painful truth and bucked up.  I started making a list of projects, and before I got too far, another friend said she wanted to join me.  Before I knew it word spread and there are now 17 fellow photographers, some near some far, all looking to challenge themselves with a project a week.  So here is week two of FiftyTwo.  

With this project, I envisioned a painterly type still life.  So below are three versions of it.  First is the picture that I worked with to create the two finished images.  Then the one painterly one is more of a traditional still life and the third is more of a modern take on it.  

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