An architectural Detail is a small piece of the whole, yet it has the power to characterize and define the entire building.  Details tell us what a building is; they are fundamental to the life and personality of a space. 

When I was selling windows most of the work we did was replacements.  So, the one thing that set us apart was that when all was said and done, everything matched.  This fits into this because it was the details that made the difference.  Details set the style, design, character of a building.  This is what we’re looking for here.   

So when this assignment came up I had an idea right away.  There is an old building in downtown Scranton came to mind.  The court annex is in an old factory.  I told the story, that it was an old toy factory, but it was really a furniture manufacturer.  The building has little sculptures of elves at work.  I took a picture of each one, with the intention of working them into a creative work.  The picture above was the finished image that was submitted for the project.

The gallery has different ideas efforts and pictures that I took on that day shooting downtown.  

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