So working though the creation of a picture I often find myself envisioning different finished images.  A great, quick example could be a waterfall.   You can look at it in a couple of different ways.  Firstly you might find yourself pre-visualizing that white fluffy cotton candy-ish kind of a look.  The flowing smooth looking moving water that gives it a very dreamy look that you get with a slow shutter speed.  The alternative look would be a really fast shutter speed that freezes the motion of the moving water, giving you a sense of power or energy.  The splashing drops captured in midair, the movement frozen in place, think Niagara Falls.

So as an artist we can approach this in a couple of ways. Firstly as while we’re capturing a picture we could look at the exposure triangle.  Utilizing that fast shutter to freeze the motion or the slower shutter speed to blur the motion.  Then secondly the post processing of those images those affects can be exaggerated and enhanced.  Possibly by further blurring or increasing the structure of an element of an image.  You can do this by increasing contrast, clarity, and or sharpness, just to name a few.

So in the gallery are two pairs of images that were taken with this process in mind. They exhibit the concept that I’ve talked about and I hope you like them.  If you have any ideas, critique, or comments please feel free to send me a quick email.


photocrati gallery

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